January 10, 2009

Flat Island, Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland

This is Flat Island, most likely in the 1940s or 1950s, although I can't say for sure since I don't know where the photo came from. I found it online a few months ago.

If anyone can date this photo, or knows who the folks are in the foreground or even whose house is whose in this picture, that information would be greatly appreciated!!!

Having never been there, the only thing I know for certain is that we are looking at St Nicholas Anglican Church on the right! There is also a cemetery in the photo directly in front of the church, one of three cemeteries on Flat Island.

January 4, 2009

Calling all Flat Island Samsons!

Hello! And welcome to the Samson family blog, a place where I hope we can all trade notes and gain insight into the origin of our ancestors and connect with other family members around the globe.

I would like to get input from Samson family members or even descendants of other Flat Island family lines that may interconnect with ours! What would you like to see on this blog? What format would you like it to take? You call the shots! I'll just make it flow nicely and look pretty...LOL...and hopefully I'll also have something to add to the discussion!

I've started by quoting from a reference book that gives a bit of the history of the Samson name and where it shows up in Newfoundland.

Please free to add comments, family stories, family tree info, photos, whatever you like to our little piece of the web.

Looking forward to learning from all of you!

All the best,

Samson according to E.R. Seary

The following listing is taken from "Family Names of the Island of Newfoundland" by E.R. Seary:

"SAMSON In Newfoundland: Family traditions:______, from Devon, settled at Flat Island (Bonavista B.) (MUN Folklore). Francis Peter (1863 - ), born at Dinan (Cotes du Nord), settled at Daniel's Harbour (St. Barbe district)(MUN Folklore). George (1814 - ), from Dorchester (Dorset), settled at Twillingate in 1826; he later moved to Black Island (Notre Dame B.) in 1830 (MUN Folklore). Early instances: Elizabeth, of King's Cove, 1827 (Nfld. Archives KCRC); Mary, of Turks Cove, 1830 (Nfld. Archives KCRC); Thomas, of Flat Island (Bonavista B.), 1838 (DPHW 73); George, of Exploits Burnt Island, 1848 (DPHW 86); Jane, of Knights Cove, 1864 (Nfld. Archives KCRC); Andrew, of Salvage, 1865 (DPHW 81); Joseph, of Burin, 1871 (Lovell); James, of English Harbour (Greenspond Island, Bonavista B.), 1871 (Lovell); Nicholas, of Little Placentia (now Argentia), 1871 (Lovell); James, of Sandy Cove (Placentia B.), 1871 (Lovell); Thomas and Andrew, of St. John's, 1871 (Lovell). Modern status: Scattered, especially at Flat Island (Bonavista B.). Place names: Samson (or Samson Island or Flat Island) 48-48 53-38; ______Point 47-19 53-56; _______Tickle, Samsons Island 49-30 54-57; Samson Point Shoal 47-23 54-00."